Private Lessons
Designed around you. Whether you are starting from the beginning, want to improve on what you have already achieved, or just want to build your confidence. We have a choice of 50 horses and several instructors to suit you.

Group Lessons
A chance for you to ride with like minded people. We cater for all ages and abilities and will have a class that is right for you. If you have not ridden with us before we recommend to start with a private lesson so we can assess you and fit you into the best group for your ability.




Shared Lessons
Normally comprising of two or three friends or family members. Similar to private lessons, can be designed around you and also enjoyed with your friends.


We cater for all abilities from complete beginners to the more experienced rider looking for a challenging ride. Enjoy a one or two hour ride around traditional Devonshire lanes and countryside.


Riding for the Disabled
We are affiliated to the Riding for the Disabled Association and have a team of horses trained for all aspects of disabled riding involving chidren and adults.


Complaints Procedure

Oaklands Riding School is committed to providing a high quality service to all of our
clients. We hope that your experiences with us are always positive.

If you do, however, have any complaints, we urge you to contact us with the details.

How to make a Complaint
You can make a complaint in writing, by email, 

Details are as follows:

Written Complaint; 

Jacky Newbery ,Oaklands Riding School 

Balls Fram Road Exeter ,EX2 9JA


What Happens Next?
We will reply within 14 days from the date we receive your Complaint. If we are unable to
give you a full reply within this time, for example if your Complaint needs further
investigation, we will give you an interim response advising who is dealing with your
complaint and when we aim to give you our full response.